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Little Zebra Lulu – baby luxe boutique

Under our virtual roof you’ll discover a collection of exceptional design and luxury for babies and children: unique pieces that embody all that is precious and beautiful about gorgeous cotton blends, whisper-soft wool and buttery leather that melts to your touch.

Little Zebra Lulu is ice cream shades of summer and timeless classy style and durability. This is the ultimate in comfortable clothing for your baby, designed with care and created with love, deeply thought out so every piece is a joy to touch and a pleasure to share with the little ones in your life.

These precious pieces are unique and adaptable: miniature miracles of art and design which allow children to experience the world on their own terms, and give you peace of mind knowing you’re doing the very best for them – and our environment – by choosing natural, organic, breathable items that have been ethically sourced and consciously created.

Each package comes lovingly gift-wrapped with our own carefully-sourced packaging, so your purchase is ready to give with pleasure and delight.